Our beginning

Various conversations, one-on-one meetings, several lunches, and even a few potlucks brought us to start of the Highland Lakes Equality Center, which began in earnest in summer 2017.

The group’s original leaders expressed a deep desire to serve those who feel unloved, unworthy and forgotten. Some experienced that, while others saw loved ones go through it.

Starting the center simply made sense. This community is hungry for one. Developing friendships, strengthening bonds and providing support are the priorities. Once people feel loved and accepted, they can live happier, richer, and more productive lives. They become the family members and friends they always wanted to be. People shouldn’t simply exist – they ought to be enjoying the most gratifying lives they can.

It would have been easy for the leaders to simply continue meeting as a small group on a weekly basis. But they believed others wanted to feel the acceptance and friendship they gave
each other. So they made a commitment to meet and invite people to be a part.

Individually we couldn’t do enough. But together we can accomplish so much more.

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