Gay males are people like everyone else. Science indisputably proves the are born that way. Their only “choice” is whether they admit this truth or lie to avoid discrimination and anti-gay violence. Gay men are born in every family and community around the world. As fellow human beings in this life journey, gay men want to live full and happy lives, too. Gay men are taxpayers, volunteers, entrepreneurs, employees, students and retirees. Their dreams and goals mirror those of the larger “straight” community. This makes sense since gay men are largely the children of wonderful, loving straight parents. We are and always will be part of your family. We just embrace the science and truth that when we fall in love, the one we love is a man. That’s it.

Gay men facts

  • You can not cure gay. You are born that way. If someone tells you they were cured, they are lying to you and themselves.
  • It is impossible to convert heterosexual people to gay as it is just as impossible to convert from gay to heterosexual. This is the way people are born.
  • Gay couples tend to have more disposable income than heterosexual couples because some don’t have the expense of raising and caring for children.
  • Traditional Native Americans hold gay people in high esteem. They are thought to have received a special blessing. They were typically held to the position of healers of the community.
  • Most gay males, and also lesbians, self-discover in early adulthood who they are. Young adults are not recruited and are born this way.
  • The hypothalamus of gay men is different from the hypothalamus of a heterosexual man.
  • Genetically, heterosexual and gay men are exactly the same.
  • Research indicates that stress in the early stages of pregnancy can result in gay children.
  • Efforts to change sexual orientation are ineffective. These efforts can actually be very harmful. Various methods have been tried and are still used. One of the most controversial methods is electric shock. Many who go through “conversion therapy” have mental problems for life. Some even attempt to take their lives after the “therapy.”