Bisexuality might be the last form of sexual orientation society considers wrong. Because of this it’s difficult to get an exact count of the number of bisexuals. It is thought this number could be as high as the same sex population or even higher.

Because bisexuality could involve sex with a same-sex partner, in many countries in the world, it is still considered against the law. That might explain why getting accurate numbers of bisexuals is challenging.

One reason bisexuality remains “in the closet” is because a leader hasn’t stepped up to affect change within the community and have it become an everyday thing like same sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, as in the transgender community, the public doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to understand. This makes it harder to come out as bisexual, though it appears to be shifting. The younger generation is more open about orientation and gender, which could open the door for older bisexuals to reveal themselves.

As with coming out when you’re gay, lesbian or transgender, only come out when you’re ready. Remember, this is a part of who you are as a person. Make sure you have the confidence to come out and understand there is nothing wrong with you.

As a bisexual person, you may find your attraction for a specific gender may be strong but then wane for a while. Then it may become strong again later in life. This attraction may change from male to female to transgender to non-binary. Understand there is nothing wrong with this attraction.

There’s no pressure in deciding your sexuality. Whether you’re bisexual, gay or lesbian, this is your knowledge and no one else’s. Don’t come out just because you feel pressured into telling friends your orientation. Come out when you feel comfortable and confident.

The phrase about bisexual people is “well, pick one or the other.” No you don’t have to. Be yourself. You will feel so much more comfortable with yourself and so much more confident in yourself. Do not let others in your life direct who you are. Being bisexual, like being transgender, carries a stigma. One way to come to terms with who you are is to meet with other bisexual people who are out. The biggest thing to remember is to be yourself. Learn to love you. This makes it much easier to accept who you are as a person and to come out and be yourself.

Bisexual myths

  • Bisexuals are just gays who aren’t all the way out. Or, why don’t you admit you’re just gay. This is something many people assume of their friends, family and relatives. If your preference at the time is a same sex partner, that does not compute to being gay.
  • Bisexual women are really straight women just having a fling before being in a heterosexual relationship. In actuality, no. Bisexual males and females may spend most of their life with someone of the opposite sex or switch back and forth throughout their life.
  • Bisexuals are more likely to cheat. Nothing makes them more likely to cheat. They are human beings who may require a monogamous relationship or enjoy being single as much as a straight person does.
  • A person is either straight or gay. In no way is this true. Sexual orientation is on a continuum. Some people also believe that sexual orientation doesn’t matter. These are pansexual people. What matters to them is what is in a person’s heart.
  • A bisexual person is equally attracted to both men and women. Once again, sexual orientation is on a continuum. That means their split might be 60/40 or 70/30.