The definition of woman is as varied as the gender. She is fearless, strong, tough, determined and adept but also nurturing, sympathetic, caring, protective and loving.

Long before women were allowed on the battlefields, they served the military in countless ways. By the time the United States entered World War II, women were building the weapons that defended this nation. And they haven’t stopped striving to achieve the American dream.

Two generations ago a woman had limited career options. She was a housekeeper or teacher or nurse or secretary. Back then she might have been a court reporter, but today she is an attorney. It’s not unusual to see a woman in education become a principal, superintendent, coach or dean. If she’s in the operating room, it’s common for her to be the surgeon. She also is designing buildings and homes then helps build them.

As she excels in her career choice, she is still somebody’s wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She shines in those roles, too.

Being a lesbian is just another part of her. Like most, she might have financial challenges, relationship issues and career goals. But her orientation is no longer the first way she defines herself because she is so many other things to so many.

In short she helps the ones she cares about view their best gifts and share them with others.

Today’s woman definitely lives out the slogan started by Rosie the Riveter, the World War II icon who represented the women who worked in factories and shipyards. Four decades later she reappeared, rolling up her sleeve with her left hand while making a fist with her right hand, and a slogan above her head — “We Can Do It!”

And we can still have it all.

Lesbian Myths

  • One of you is the man – Many heterosexual and some LGBTQ individuals believe every relationship consists of a masculine and a feminine person in the relationship, which is obviously untrue. Within any relationship both can be masculine or feminine. Being in a lesbian relationship does not mean one has to be the man.
  • Lesbians recruit – not true.
  • You must have been damaged as a child – LGBTQ people are born that way. This would include lesbians.
  • It’s just a phase you’re going through and just haven’t met Mr. Right – As with other parts of the LGBTQ community, it’s not a phase. This is very much the person I am.
  • Lesbian relationships don’t last – As with any relationship, there may be one night stands, some that last a few months, and others that last a lifetime. Everyone wants to be with the right person.
  • All butch women have short hair – Lesbians wear the style they feel comfortable in, just like heterosexuals, transgender people, etc. Some like their hair shorter, some like it longer.
  • Lesbians are vegetarians – not true. Once again, who you love is irrelevant to how you live your life.
  • Lesbians know everything about lesbians, just like gay men know everything about gay men, or transgender people know everything about other transgender people. So many people live outside of society’s box are supposed to automatically know about everyone else in their little community? Or know everyone who is lesbian, gay, or transgender?
  • Lesbians hate men – Lesbians don’t care about men. Just because your partner and you are of the same sex doesn’t mean you hate the other sex.
  • It’s easier to be in a lesbian relationship than a straight one because women understand each other – No relationship is easy. It has nothing to do with “knowing” and everything to do with personality. It is a person’s personality and beliefs that make a relationship easier. Still even with that, relationships of any kind are not easy.
  • Lesbians wear their keys on a carabineer on their belts – This is considered a stereotype. Some wear their keys on their beltloop as a sign of who they are, but others may not follow this.