Our monthly social gatherings allow members of the LGBTQ community living in the Highland Lakes to build friendships, enjoy food and beverages and simply hobnob with other like-minded people.

These gatherings are for those who:

  • Don’t know who will welcome and who will hurt them.
  • Feel threatened for being their authentic selves.
  • Don’t feel true acceptance.
  • Long for friendships with people who truly understand the struggles and hurdles of being a LGBTQ member.
  • Need encouragement, support and understanding.
  • Want unconditional love based on nothing more than inner beauty.

Here’s what you can expect

Attending a HLEC monthly mixer is like going to a party with your BFFs. You’ll see people you know, meet others you want to know, and discover very quickly there are so many wonderful people living minutes away who love to dance, chat, eat and drink. Our events usually include door prizes and drawings and always have love and acceptance.

How is this different…how are my services different from others?
What makes the HLEC different is that its leaders and most attendees of its events live in Burnet, Marble Falls, Bertram, Granite Shoals, Kingsland, Llano and the surrounding area. Events are sponsored by donors and business owners who make their homes here and see their contributions as helping their neighbors live happier and much more fulfilling lives.


“Now that we’re living here, I’m able to continue working on behalf of the LGBTQ community thanks to the Highland Lakes Equality Center. I am so grateful for the HLEC and what it provides: much needed support, connections to resources and wonderful fun and affirming events like the Gay Prom. I’m honored to volunteer, even in small ways, which allows me to add to the HLEC’s mission of unity. Being part of the HLEC gives me hope for this generation and the next one.” Dee

“I never imagined a time or place where I felt like I could be myself and, most importantly, like who I am. But the Highland Lakes Equality Center has has shown me that it’s possible to have the family I want, the friends I want, and the work I love and still like myself. And that’s huge because I had come to terms with only liking a part of myself. Thanks to HLEC events and educational opportunities, I’ve made more like-minded friends and can answer more questions about the LGBTQ community to help my straight family members and friends better understand me. Now I can be proud of the person I am and still have the fulfilling life I want.” Jennifer